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2017 Highlights

January 2017

Silly setup crew before the party
Selfie practice mode
Nailed it...
More than 40 gift bags ready to go
Okay, we're back
First time I saw my name in lights
The entrance to my meet and greet
Banners everywhere
Oh, the big news this month
Another look at the studio set
Let the party begin
Okay, back to the party
Food line
the food line to the buffet
Let the games begin
Poet Cherie McCoy kicked things off
Reading from Love by Delivery
Friends and fans in the house
40 Folks staring at me
There were characters at my party
Lady Johnson
Is that Sister Denee?
Team players huddled together
Purse and wallet game
The look
Actor Sean Brasfield
One of my many guests
Despite my broadcast background...
I think i rather write than read
Church folks in the house
The McCoys
First to register
Long time friend
Omaha in the house!!!
Evelyn attended Bethesda Temple

February 2017

My Security detail
Teacher Patricia Henry
At first I was concerned
Finally, I realized...
The birthday song
Year older
Cute but....
Memory Lane

March 2017

I was a contestant
Me and the BIG D
Celebrating LaShaunda's big 50
Group Picture at the birthday party
The Kitchen Sink guests
A Tribute to 50 years
My dedication
The end result

May 2017

Wow. I sew but can't create this!
A prop for a party
Love it!!!
My girl at the mixer
Morris Baxter
Work it
New banner
Loved the Roaring 20s
The wonderful, sweet and
My Sister in Christ
Party Girls
Short Waiting Line
Cousins from ATL
Fellow Christian author
Me and my man
Kerry and I hanging
Author Friends
Kathryn Falk
Lissa Woodson
What an honor for Beverly Jenkins
The Book Exchange
Hanging with the stars
Hanging with my sisters
Creative costume
Work it Ollie
Go Megan!
Grandma worked the party
One day..
talking to strangers
New author to me
Model Vakkas
Hubby photbomb
Cover Model
Cover model
Ms. Brenda Jackson
Love this photo
Iris Bolling
Zuri Day vs. Lutisha Lovely
Selfie practice
Lissa aka Naleighi Kai
Finished basket
The goodies inside
Priscilla Johnson aka PJ
Avid Reader
Mother's Day Luncheon
Enjoying brunch
Me and my mom
Me and cuz
Hanging out with my mom
Guests leaving the luncheon
Mother's Day
Groups & selfies
Fan friends

June 2017

Places please at my 40th reunion
Maybe not
Serious pose
Our Anniversary dinner
Watch the background
I can still wear the same dress!
June is also Kerry's birthday month

July 2017

Meet Mr. Jamieson
The Bell Family
The Young Family
Ft. Campbell, KY
New reader Granny
Long time Fan!!!!!!
New reader yay
The Carmen Sisters!
Me and my First Lady Johnson
The first family of Bethesda Temple
Jesus Talking
Bethesda in the house

August 2017

Sister Monica
So many people
New Girlfriends
New Fans
Pastor Joel Barnaby
These two were fun
Young fan Tiyah from Alabama
Royalty might show up in one of my books
Deacon Paul and Kerry
Deacon Edd Paul was a blessing!
Brownlee Kinfolks Rev Judith O'Savio
Elder Morganfield and Lady Johnson
Bethesda Temple Leadership
Karen from Home Church
Bishop Jeffrey Goldsmith
The Communion
Praise and worship before communion
Judge Jamison
Love these ladies
Last day of the PAW Convention
The last sale of the convention
Cousins in the house Aaron and Diamond
From Nashville on to San Antonio
Live music for BX workers
Musical chairs at the Ft. Sam Houston BX
New reader!
My niece and friend in training at Ft. Sam Houston
Family of readers
Blessings to us
The ministry
or maybe it was this reader
Yes Men read
Peggy Major new FB friend
Author Diana Crosby's daughter Tiffany
Who knew that I has signed Rachel's book from 5 years ago
Yep, on the phone with fan Rachel
Taking a bus ride
Mime dancers
Coomunity Day at Bethesda Temple
Our Mass Choir
Officer Boone all grown up
Rocking Houston in the house
Rocking my daughter's glasses
Fabric Galore

October 2017

Let the party begin!
Colorful guests
All the bikers in the house!
My Cat Walk at the hat party
Michelle and me
Sharp Cat and dress.
Grandma BB
Kenyatta and me
Grandma BB and Maurice
My new friend
PJ party with Grandma BB
Pajama fun
Somebody didn't get the memo
Banquet welcome
Fun times!
Shout out to reader of the year!
Keynote Speaker
Christian comedian
Mother Daughter Team was hilarious
Adorable mom and daughter
The winner is.....
Ceisha is a Pat Simmons addict
Kim Cash Tate
customized mugs
Last day of the tretreat
Gifts from readers
I am loved
Hotel Good byes
Missouri in the house
Fellow author and...
The fellowship
Photobomb 2
My peeps from Chi-town
Dedicated Readers
Photo Bomb
Book clubs everywhere
100 strong at the Retreat
Rene Spivey and Tameka
Kimberla on air
Mitch Smith
Dessire's debut
Taste Tester
Rock it Nessa
Lovin' this!
Stole the SHOW!!!
No words for this dancing princess
The finalists
Hat Party 2
Off the chain
Praise Team in the morning
Joylynn Ross
Aunt Dot
The Poet
Cherie was in her element
Prayer Team
300 + guests strong
View from the upper level
New reader
A Great Evening

November 2017

December 2017

All aboard
Wedding #2
James & Clara
Simmons and Franklin
Little Tyson aka Clyde
My kinfolks
Kiddie fun
Moma Simmons
Cousin haven
Starla and Trey
First Cousins Alert
Clowning around
Tyson and his grandma
Kerry and Moma Simmons
bride to be and grandma
Diva cousins
Dolled up for the wedding
Twin Jennifer was in the house
the bride to be
The venue before the ceremony
Audrey, Eva, and Thomas
Love it
Father and daughter dance
Cutting the cake
Clara and James
The Simmons brothers
Simi and her Uncle TY
More kinfolks
Something I have never seen
Twins at times
Family time
How we ended the night

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