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Here's A Look At My World

January 2016

The guest of honor
Me and my youngest and oldest nieces
Food, food, food
My big sister Kim
Cousins everywhere
Prayer time
Rusty and Debbie
Elder Marquis McCoy and Cherie
The prayer group

February 2016

Birthday dinner
Mother daughter breakfast
Camera ready
Future broadcasters
More out-of-town kinfolks
Three sets of cousins
Like father and son
Rocky and Brian
More cousins
Detroit cousins

March 2016

Young People Sunday
More church folks
Book club president
Ferguson Writers Event
Shelly Singleton
Non-stop fun
We almost got the selfie downpacked
Cookie and I are ready
Tyrone Simmons in the house!
Tyrone's sisters, mom, niece
Xavier's 9th Birthday Party
Time for pictures

April 2016

I'm a winner!
Deacon Charles & Thelma Hall
Glad to be in the service
The Pastor of Mountaintop Church
Couldn't Believe My Eyes
We're working
Limo Babyyyy
The Morning Blend
Great interview
JoCarol ready to party
Steampunk gear
Unmatched entertainment
Authors in the house plus..
Me and the Queen Bee
Historical author Danica
Lissa Woodson aka
ABC Nightline News team
I golf cart driver
Humbled and honored
Linnea Sinclair
Sisters 2016
It was a family affair
My car display give-away
Car city
Inspiration author Lenora Worth
Book Donations
Anne spearheaded....
The final book signing
Kerry, Deborah and me
Cover models blush

May 2016

Goof off
Kerry and me
Family affair
Mom and daughter
Who knows how to take a selfie?
This is my mom's twin
Sunday selfie

June 2016

No joke, we all showed up in blue
Our tradition
I think I'm smiling
One cool couple
Good times and food
New addition to the Simmons family
Lauren refused to wake up
Family in the house
Vegas kinfolks
Me in the mix
Weddings Wednesday

July 2016

My summer crew at the courthouse
Our knees were hurting in this pose
Prayer for our men
A few weeks later...
Wedding Wednesday..
Beautiful dress
China family
Signing my name
I couldn't help notice the shoes
Loved this couple

August 2016

Fabulous darling
Clowning around
Road Trip to Lake St. Louis
Sweet Welcome
Good food and fellowship
Mom Irby and Sally
The fly on the wall
The hostess of the book club meeting
Sister Williams came late
Family reunion 2016
Down time at the picnic
The hats!!!
The Line Up
The Diva Golden Girls
There were some impressive...
Bows for the boys
The matriarchs
Homeboy and Debbie
Always matching
Sad time
Darlene Simmons

September 2016

Group Author Photo
Anyone for tea?
The coolest dude
SB (Stephanie) working it
Hold the pose
Midnight Ace
And the couples have it
Hold it
Me and Sierra Kay
Dancing in the back
Okay y'all
Stepping in the front of the room
Author Reading
Homegirl in Chicago
God gave me a fan
Bitter sweet birthday celebration
The birthday girl
Birthday guests
Throw back
I'm always fascinated with history
Look what I found
The hat
Makeup anyone
What ya think?
Celebrity in the House!
Diva Cousins
More cousins
family time
No words

October 2016

Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders
I'm in the mix
Reading With A Purpose Book club
Seeing double
Friends Forever
Victorious Ladies Reading Book club
Tracey Burwell DeShazo
We got our praise on!
Letha and me clowning around
Love this idea!!
I love these banners
Vanessa Riley and me
Angela and Rhonda McKnight
Pajama Party
One of my faithful readers
PJs +3
Little sister
Unoma and me
Kendy Ward
Kindred spirits
Tyora Moody and me
Authors in the house
Anointed Authors On Tour
Love these women
Popcorn anyone?
Author Jae Henderson
We had corporate praise
Morning worship
I was in praise mode but...
And the brainchild of the retreat
Jacquelin Thomas
Christian comedy author
Reader Vivian Turner
Ceisha Barrett
Me goofing off
Karen Rodgers in the house
Our inspiration
I love Jesus
Gorgeous sisters in Christ
Laverne Creek
Jesus lover

November 2016

Holiday Get together with family
Me and my nephew
Another nephew and great
If I was this toy...
On the other side of the family
Simmons in the house
Jared hanging out with his cuz
After dinner conversation
In the kitchen
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